About Veterans Mediation

The Veterans Mediation project offers free mediation training for veterans serving other veterans. This training is designed to equip veterans with the mediation skills necessary to work effectively with fellow veterans in resolving their difficulties in civilian life. Trainings are customized to address the needs of veterans and their families.

Veterans often face complex problems influenced by a continuum of contributing factors such as homelessness, broken families, unemployment, health care, etc. Mediation has the potential to address and solve these problems.

Veterans who serve veterans (Veterans Service Officers, Veterans Employment Representatives, and others) hold a unique place in the community as the first contact and main support for veterans and their families. Veterans in those positions are the particular focus of the Veterans Mediation training program.

Veterans Mediation, created by Quabbin Mediation in 2007, is made possible through funding from the Commonwealth’s Legislature administered by the MA Department of Veterans Services. This mediation training is recommended by Department of Veteran Services’ Secretary Francisco Urena.

Quabbin Mediation believes that veterans themselves, and their families, are best equipped to understand the unique experience, interests, and perspectives of veterans, and to help them address and resolve conflicts.

Quabbin Mediation Building in Downtown Orange
Quabbin Mediation is located in this historic building in downtown Orange, Massachusetts.
Image by Doug Kerr by CC 2.0